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Westman Atelier

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                                                 WESTMAN ATELIER Eye Shadow I Brush

The beautiful brush boasting soft nylon fibres, Westman Atelier’s Eye Shadow I Brush is ideal for the effortless application of colour. With its flat, tapered shape and compact bristles to evenly distribute creamy colour, this is perfect for layering shadow all over the lid, as well as defining the lashline or accessing eyes’ inner corners. With its specialist shape – painstakingly designed by Gucci to meet her eyeshadow requirements – this allows you to concentrate pigment wherever you want it, as well as to dab iridescent eyeshadow above the tear ducts to make eyes appear brighter. Handmade in Kumano, Japan using traditional techniques from the world’s most prestigious brush maker, this high-performance tool is luxurious, durable and cruelty-free, with sustainably sourced hardwood handles.

How To Use 

  • With a gentle sweeping motion, layer colour onto lids and build up to the desired intensity.
  • Using the tapered tip of the brush, stroke shadow along the lashlines for a soft alternative to eyeliner.
  • Dab highlighter or subtly iridescent shadow at the inner corners, just above the tear ducts, using this brush to make eyes look more open and bright.

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