Toys Swing-N-Slide Play Set Treehouse Swing Set with Slide Tower


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Tree house Toys Swing-N-Slide Play Set, Tower and Timber Shield Posts | 3 Position Swing Beam Including Rider Glider, Belt and Toddler Swing, . Physical + Motor Skills Climbing activates both upper and lower body strength and helps build fine motor skills with the gripping motion. Plus, the excitement of being outside and running around a playset does a kid’s body good Critical Thinking With each movement, kids have to evaluate where they are and where they should reach or step next. And, each climbing “route” is a new challenge kids need to overcome. Language + Social Skills Climbers are great for many kids to play together with the open design.

When kids play together, they communicate with each other as they take turns. They also learn critical skills like patience and sharing, and new words like “step”, “climb”, and “slide”. Creativity + Role Play Getting outside to play breaks their usual routine, allowing them to open their imaginations. Playing together helps kids to work out storylines and learn to improvise based on what someone does or says.

SPECIFICATION Model Number:24-1

DIMENSIONS Covered Size: 425x218x235cm.

Installation and Delivery Charges
Installation In Dubai +200.00
Installation In Other Emirates +350.00
Installation In Sharjah +150
Delivery outside Emirates in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain (No Installation, Delivery 350)
Toys Swing-N-Slide Play Set | Treehouse Swing Set with Slide, Tower and Timber Shield

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