SARAH CHAPMAN Beauty SARAH CHAPMAN Professional Cleansing Mitts( 2 Pairs )

SARAH CHAPMAN Professional Cleansing Mitts( 2 Pairs )


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SARAH CHAPMAN Professional Cleansing Mitts( 2 Pairs )
  • Casting a shadow over most traditional cleansing cloths, Sarah Chapman’s Professional Cleansing Mitts were developed for her professional, Skinesis facials – which you can now replicate at home. Swiftly sweeping away cleanser, dirt and impurities, the mitts feature a layer of sponge held between dual-effect cotton fabric, with one textured side for exfoliation and one gentle, finely weaved side for removing make up – especially from the delicate eye area. The sponge layer retains heat and moisture for longer than traditional cloths, allowing for a cushioned, comfortable and professional cleanse and, what’s more, the mitts fit snugly onto fingers, making them effortlessly easy to use and effective at removing cleansers (whichever kind you choose) as well as masks. Suitable for all skin types, this set contains four mitts so you can cleanse to your heart's content.


    Soak mitts in warm water, slot over 4 fingers and use to wipe away cleanser, make-up and grime gently exfoliating. Use the fine side for eye make-up removal.

    Wash at 30 degrees in the washing machine.


    Cloth: 100% Cotton. Smooth Cloth: 70% Cotton, 30% Polyester. Sponge Line: Polyethylene. Ribbon: 100% Polyester.

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