RÓEN vowBROW Pencil( 0.09g )


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                                      RÓEN vowBROW Pencil( 0.09g )

Vowing to fill and define even the most patchy and sparse brows, RÓEN’s vowBrow Pencil builds up your natural shape with fine, hair-like strokes. The firm pigmented gel formula draws clear and precise lines (with the help of the ultra-fine 1.7mm nib) to enhance and style your arches as you please. Twist the pencil a quarter turn to reveal the perfect amount of product for realistic strokes and flip over to the opposite end to use the spoolie brush for all your blending and grooming needs. Tried and tested on brows of all kinds, the three shades are designed to suit all skin tones: ‘Light’ (for blonde and grey hair), ‘Medium’ (to complement brown tones) and ‘Dark’ (for deep brown and black hair). Soft copper and auburn hair will suit ‘Light’, whereas rich, darker tones of red match well with ‘Medium’. For filling and defining duties, go with the shade closest to your hair colour; pick a shade darker to deepen and a shade lighter to soften your shape.

RÓEN vowBROW Pencil 2

  • Take off the cap, and give the pencil one quarter turn. The formula is firm to give the most realistic hair strokes, so you don’t want too much pencil exposed.
  • Define and fill brow shape using feather-light strokes for a perfectly defined brow.
  • Use the spoolie side of pencil to gently brush brow hairs up and shape. 
  • Always twist the tip back down after using to improve longevity and usage of product.

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