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Logitech HD Webcam BCC950


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The Logitech HD Webcam BCC950 is a versatile and compact webcam designed for video conferencing and online communication. Here's an overview of its features:

  1. HD Video Quality: The BCC950 typically offers high-definition video quality, allowing for clear and sharp video during video calls and conferencing.

  2. Pan, Tilt, and Zoom: One of the key features of the BCC950 is its ability to pan, tilt, and zoom. This remote-controlled functionality allows you to adjust the camera's position and focus during a call.

  3. Wide-Angle Lens: The webcam usually comes with a wide-angle lens, which is particularly useful for capturing groups of people in a conference room or a larger area.

  4. Integrated Speaker and Microphone: The BCC950 often features an integrated speaker and microphone, providing an all-in-one solution for video conferencing. This eliminates the need for separate speakers and microphones.

  5. Noise-Canceling Microphone: The built-in microphone often includes noise-canceling technology to reduce background noise and improve audio clarity during calls.

  6. Plug-and-Play Setup: The BCC950 is typically designed for easy setup. It's often compatible with popular video conferencing platforms and can be used by simply plugging it into a USB port.

  7. Compatibility: The webcam is often compatible with a variety of video conferencing software, including Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and more.

  8. Remote Control: The webcam typically comes with a remote control that allows you to adjust the camera's position and settings without needing to access the computer.

  9. Compact Design: The BCC950 often has a compact and sleek design, making it suitable for small meeting rooms, home offices, or other spaces where space is a consideration.

  10. Logitech Branding: As a Logitech product, the BCC950 often features branding and design elements consistent with other Logitech peripherals.

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