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Dune Buggy / Red


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  1. Size: Dune Buggy toys come in various sizes, with some designed for small hands and others in larger scales for older children.

  2. Material: They are typically made from durable plastic materials that can withstand rough play and outdoor use.

  3. Design: These toys often feature a compact, open design reminiscent of real dune buggies. They may have off-road tires, a roll cage, and seating for action figures or small toy figures.

  4. Color: As you mentioned, the toy is red, but Dune Buggy toys can come in a variety of colors to suit different preferences.

  5. Action Features: Some Dune Buggy toys may have action features like working wheels, suspension systems, or removable parts to enhance playability.

These toys can provide hours of imaginative play, allowing children to create their own adventures in outdoor or sand-themed environments.

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