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DJTT - Chroma Cables USB C to B Black

Chroma Cables

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The "Chroma Cables USB C to B Black" from DJ TechTools (DJTT) are likely high-quality USB cables designed for connecting devices with USB-C outputs to devices with USB-B inputs. Let's break down the terms in the name:

  • Chroma Cables: These are premium audio and USB cables created by DJ TechTools, known for their quality, durability, and signal integrity, targeted towards DJs and music producers.

  • USB C to B: This indicates the type of USB connectors on each end of the cable. USB-C connectors are the newer, reversible, and versatile connectors commonly found on modern devices. USB-B connectors are often used for peripherals like audio interfaces, MIDI controllers, and more.

  • Black: This denotes the color of the cables or connectors. Color coding helps users quickly identify and differentiate between different cable types, facilitating organization.

These cables are intended to connect devices with USB-B connectors (such as audio interfaces, MIDI controllers, etc.) to devices with USB-C ports (like modern laptops, tablets, and smartphones).

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