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De Mamiel Settle

de Mamiel

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The product of extensive research into why we don’t sleep and what keeps us awake, de Mamiel’s ingenious Sleep Series is a sublime remedy for the over-tired among us. Settle in there for you when you feel wide awake as soon as your head hits the pillow, mind buzzing and to-do list running through your stressed thoughts. The clever blend works beyond mere sedation, acting within the body to help reduce inflammation that would otherwise hinder restful and restorative sleep. The base oil combines a bespoke blend of herbs, watermelon seed oil, and passionflower oil to maximize the absorption of minerals such as magnesium and zinc, and B vitamins that are essential for quality sleep. Together with luscious essential oils (such as wild rose, frankincense, and vetiver) these ingredients will settle both senses and body to lull you into a deep, comfortable slumber. Working in harmony with de Mamiel’s Anchor and Soothe blends, this forms part of the ‘Sleep’ phase of the brand’s Sleep Series, while Rise and Shine form the ‘Awake’ element.

How To Use

Apply to Settle to your palms and gently rub your hands together. Place over your nose and breathe deeply for a minimum of 3 breaths. Anoint the inside of your wrists then roll the oil across your chest and breathe. Exhale and roll the oil back, letting go of any tension.

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