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Beaphar Tick Away Spray 50 ml


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Beaphar Tick Away is a non-toxic, insecticide-free spray that freezes ticks for easy removal. The product is safe and easy to use and is a handy size to pop in your pocket when on a dog walk or away with your dog. Suitable for use on cats, dogs, and people.

  • For safe and easy tick removal
  • Non-toxic freezing spray
  • Perfect for dog walks
  • Suitable for use on cats, dogs, and people
  • Helps prevent Lyme disease


ALWAYS FULLY READ THE PRODUCT LABEL BEFORE USE. Only use Beaphar Tick Away in a well-ventilated area. 1. Part the fur to expose the attached tick. 2. From approximately 5cm away, spray Beaphar Tick Away directly onto the tick for approximately 3 seconds. In most cases, the tick will fall off automatically. 3. If the tick is still present after 3 hours it will be easily removable with a 'tick pen remover' or the Beaphar TickBoy®. 4. The wound made by the tick bite must be thoroughly disinfected. If there are any concerns over infection, it is important to contact your vet.

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