HOURGLASS Ambient Lighting Powder


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Sometimes, the cold light of day can be a little harsh on skin, so recreate the most flattering light (wherever you stray) with this ethereal illumination powder from Hourglass. An innovation in illumination, this universally flattering finishing powder takes inspiration from the most forgiving light sources – from morning light to candlelight, via sunset and moon light – so you’ll feel like you have a personal lighting technician at your disposal. Thanks to ground-breaking ‘Photoluminescent Technology’ Ambient Lighting Powder captures, diffuses and softens surrounding light, filtering out harsh beams to blur the visibility of imperfections, pores and wrinkles, leaving skin looking softer, more youthful and beautifully lit-from-within. The versatile formula comes in six sumptuous shades: there’s opalescent, sheer white ‘Ethereal Light’ which mimics a moonlit glow; soft, warm, pale yellow ‘Diffused Light’, which conceals redness and offers the clarity of the morning’s first rays; ‘Dim Light’, a neutral peach beige that blurs imperfections with the ideal balance of warm and cool tones; ‘Mood Light’, a soft, sheer lavender pink that brightens with the softest, most forgiving light; ‘Luminous Light’, a champagne pearl powder that creates a candlelit glow and, finally, ‘Radiant Light’, a sun-kissed golden beige that enhances your complexion with believable warmth. Apply it to the places you want to accentuate, or sweep it all over to imbue skin with a seamless, enviably even glow.

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