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When was the last time you had seen your kid talking to you without cell phone in hand?

The use of screen time for everyone of us and not specifically kids have increased so much that we spend our maximum time just scrolling our devices and we don’t even realise that it consumes so much of our time.

Remember those good Golden days when families use to have a gala time together without any devices, just sharing each other’s Stories, Jokes, Happiness and Sorrows. Playing games and having yummy Dishes for Supper, enjoying and learning different things as well as experiences from each other’s life. It used to be so casual during those days, but now it is all planned and we all need to take out time for these Get-togethers and sometimes it even takes months to decide about it.

So, Friends please take out time for your family as it is “important”. According to the Research and Reports of All Countries, Teenagers and the new upcoming generations all have a feeling of loneliness and due to which they all are addicted to internet, and we all know the adverse effects of it like stress, depression, lack of sleep, neurological disorder etc the list is too long of all effects caused on our body and mind due to it. It can also feel suffocating, particularly if parents or guardians are distant or disengaged.

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Also now a days due to COVID 19 all kids are more exposed to Screen time because of their online Schooling and Extra Curriculum activities and after spending hours on online Classes they’re cut off from their daily human interaction.

“Do You know what’s the recommended amount of Screen time appropriate for Children’s per Day?”

As per the Guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and Sport NZ for school aged children (aged 5-17) The recommendation of recreational screen time for children should not be more than 2 hours per day 

How much time do you spend on your phone? How much recreational screen time do your children have per day? When was the last time your family spent time together without a phone in sight? Went to the beach, played a board game, ate dinner at the table, went to the park?

Technology is the way of the future, you can't argue with that, we are constantly seeing further advances and it should be part of children's lives. But, if it's at the expense of spending time together as a family, it might be time to evaluate and assess your screen time rules.


Solutions for you-

  • Lead by example; Monkey see, Monkey do! It's not great to be telling your child or teen to put down their phone, while you have yours in your hand
  • Put your phone away and spend quality time with your child, play games and enjoy watching your child’s different activities
  • Set a limit for Screen time usage on your kids as well as explain them Why you are setting time limits?
  • Keep a check on what all things He/she is exposed to on Mobile or PC, explain kids what’s appropriate and inappropriate for them
  • Explain them about mobile scams that takes place.

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