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Synco - G3 - 2.4G Wireless Mic - White


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The SYNCO G3 wireless recording microphone is intended to revolutionize the way of wireless audio recording. It supports 2-way communication, extends the recording distance to a 250m long-range, provides 3-way ins and outs, offers great flexibility for content creators to control the soundtracks and store their copies, elevates the audio quality using unprecedented Sound Curve Optimization, and enriches the sound mix with EQ modifications. Just slide 2 transmitters from bottom to top on both sides of the receiver and initiate this SWITCH on your recording.


  • A combination of every innovative feature into this dependable 2.4G wireless microphone for video recording - this is all you need to record incredible audio for any content you’re creating.
  • The SYNCO G3 allows both the receiver (on camera side) and transmitters (on actors'positions) to speak and monitor the sounds in real time. This is the 3-channel recording system. It extends the working distance to 250m at max and meanwhile, enhances the audio stability to create a better interactive audio environment with minimal distractions. This then comes the 2-way communication system between the receiver and each transmitter. Use this wireless microphone recording system in your video making - talk to performers directly without shouting and avoid any recording accidents you don't expect.  
  • During the monitoring of the said 3 way sounds, you can activate the in-built audio mixer to select or merge the actual sound tracks to build the expected recording environment. This offers great assistance to scenes like multi-person interview. 
  • The receiver features 3 outputs of USB-C digital, TRRS and TRS, compatible with cameras, mobile devices and computers. Each works independently to deliver quality audio into their target devices simultaneously, allowing the user to make a podcast on 3 different platforms at the same time.
  • An integration of all incredible functions to engineer this best wireless recording microphone - this is all you need to elevate your recording for any inspiration you’re having.  
  • SYNCO G3 tries to take a lead in the segment of wireless recording microphone. The Sound Curve Optimization that can be achieved only in post-production before comes for the first time. The DSP technology goes with the 3rd Generation Syncoder™ Algorithm to customize the filtering of unwanted noise at low frequency and uplifting of the voice at high frequency, and to make equalizer (EQ) adjustment in 5 typical intonation like Pop, Blues, Live, Rap, and Country. 
  • When the Recorder Mode turns on, each of the transmitters works as a standalone audio recorder to hold 8G 16bit/48KHz CD-quality audio for 22 hours. Such a On Board Memory function is of great significance for filmmakers to keep their temporary copies and avoid interference and dropouts. 
  • Just slide the two automatically and securely paired transmitters from bottom to top of the charging available receiver, clip them on your shirt and switch on your capturing!
  • The SYNCO G3 small wireless recording microphone is well crafted for filmmakers on the go. The pairing between transmitters and receiver is automatic and secure. Amazing settings like Sound Track Management function with 4 buttons only. A 1.8-inch LCD displays all you need to see clearly. All this facilitates the controlling and monitoring of your recording. 
  • The receiver also acts as a charging case to guarantee the full charging of each transmitter in 2 hours. Just slide them from top to bottom to the receiver like what you do on the Nitendo Switch, and get 13-hour playing time in total. 
    See P2, a wireless recording microphone for iPhone and Android smartphone that also carries a charging case.   
  • Weighing only 15 grams (0.5 oz), the transmitter is almost unnoticeable and is lightweight to stay clipped on any shirts. The internal mic of each transmitter with a noise-rejecting omnidirectional pickup pattern and a furry windscreen is a guarantee of reliable capturing. In a word, the wireless lavalier microphone for recording video is good to use in complicated environment like train stations, shopping malls, amusement parks, et

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