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Phyto RE30 Repigmenting Care White Hair 50ml


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A product that eliminates gray hairs without adding pigments or dyes. Don't believe it?

In that case, we present you the Phyto re30 re pigmenting care for white hair; which acts at the hair roots and gives back color to depigmented hair!

Up to -30% of grey hair!

Hair greying consists of gradual melanin loss, and results from the combination of a failure in hair pigmentation, due to the lack of activity from α-MSH (melanocyte-stimulating hormone Alpha), with melanin breakdown, which is a consequence of the failure from the natural antioxidant hair defenses.

After 6 years of research, Phyto discovers a molecule capable of re-pigmenting white hairs without resorting to any kind of pigment.

This product owes its effectiveness to the 30th peptide, consisting of 4 amino acids; and which is able to mimic the activity of α-MSH while preventing melanin oxidation.

Additionally, this product also contains purple tulip extract that acts on a family of proteins essential to hair keratin bonding, the KAPs; reinforcing hair resistance, strength, and flexibility!

With a light texture and mist dispersion, this formulation leaves hair clean after application; without that, it is a sticky or greasy residue.

How To Use

Apply once a day, performing 8 sprays all over the moistened or dry scalp.

Do not rinse.

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