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Guardian - Pro XP️ A defender, protector, or keeper. One who looks after someone or something that is unable to protect themselves. The GAEMS Guardian - Pro XP️ ULTIMATE Personal Gaming Environment️. Intentional design and engineering for professional gamers, serious streamers and content creators. Critical functionality, quality and form without compromise earning it the GAEMS Pro XP label. What is Guardian - Pro XP️ The Guardian - Pro XP️allows users to take their console gaming experience where ever life takes them while providing the highest power, portable performance. 24" built-in monitor, 1440p resolution, IPS display, 9ms response time with overdrive Built in streaming tools, accessory mounts, HDMI out for easy capture or screen sharing Proprietary media center with USB passthrough and device charging Dynamic sound stage, 9w tuned stereo audio, dual headphone jacks Internal storage for controller and cables

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