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Bubble-bro 60L CO2 Cylinder Soda Makers Compatible with Drink Mate and Soda Stream


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CO2 Cylinder / Carbonator for the DrinkMate and any Soda Makers that Utilise Sodastream-style cylinders. Cylinder/Carbonator containing at least 410g of food-grade CO2. Each cylinder should be capable of producing up to 60 L of carbonated beverages, depending on how you use it and which soda maker you use it with. The cylinder is designed for use with the DrinkMate Home Soda Maker but is also a viable replacement for Sodastream Carbonators / Cylinders - it utilizes the standard Sodastream-style thread and has been tested on multiple Sodastream machines. Empty cylinders can be swapped on the spot for full ones at all Organic Foods and Cafe stores for a reduced 'gas only' fee.

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