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The terms and conditions stated below apply to all our promotions, competitions, prize draws and giveaways. This also includes all other content related to competitions which are posted on either our social media channels or the brand’s website.

To enter a competition, you don’t have to spend anything, and an entry is free of cost. Instructions on how to enter the competition can be found on either our social media channels or our website. 

Each promotion, giveaway, competition, the prize is in no way endorsed, sponsored or administered by any of our social networks. This includes Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Any information you provide for the competition will be subject to our Privacy Policy.

Eligibility and entry restrictions

Anyone seeking to enter the competition must be first eligible to participate. These are the terms and conditions one must meet to be eligible:

Every participant should be a real person, have an ID and an adult (age of 18 or above). Entrants should be residing in the United Arab Emirates. To validate your information, proof of age and address may be required.

None of our employees, agents, officers or the employees, agents, officers of any organization or person involved in the running of the competition will be allowed to take part in the competition. Families of such persons are also not allowed to enter the competition.

Every person entering the competition must have a genuine social media account and according to the rules of the competition, like, share and comment, to enter the competition. A single person can only have a single entry in the competition.

Start and closing dates

When the competition starts, the time and date will either be specified on the dedicated post or our social media networks. The competition will end according to the set date and time. If anyone submits an entry before the competition begins or after the competition has ended, it will be deemed invalid, and the person will not get a place in the competition. We are also clear from any responsibility in the case that an entry is not accepted.

The competition and these terms and conditions can be cancelled or amended without any prior notice in the event of a natural disaster, war, civil or military disturbance or any other event which either breaches any applicable regulation or law or is out of our control. We will try our best to keep our participants notified of any changes done to the competition or these terms and conditions. 

Once you submit an entry to the competition, you will accept and be subject to these terms and conditions.


The entries which would win in the competition will be judged according to what is specified on our social media networks in relation to the competition. Every person should first be eligible to submit an entry, and if a person fails to do so, he/she will not be entitled to be a winner or gain any prizes.

Once the decision is made in relation to either the entries selected for the competition or the selection of the winner, the decision will be final. 

These terms and conditions and the competition will be subject to the United Arab Emirates law. If any dispute occurs, it will be subject to the law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the United Arab Emirates.

Winners and prizes

The prizes dedicated to the competition will be listed on our social media network. The result of the competition will be notified to the entrants through email or directly to their social media accounts. The entrants should have liked and followed our social media networks to win the competition.

We will try to contact the winner of the competition for up to 14 days, and reasonable efforts will be made. Still, if the winner fails to either make contact, provide the address for delivery or does not meet the eligibility criteria, then the winner shall be disqualified. The next eligible winner will be chosen.

Once the entries have been closed, the winners of the competition will be announced on our site within 30 days. The name, picture, and the city of residence may be included in the announcement.

The winner will have to accept the prize as it is, and no other cash alternative will be offered. We also reserve the right to substitute a prize, without prior notice, with another of equivalent value if the dedicated prize is not available. Prizes are also not transferable.

Copyright and moral rights

You should ensure that your competitive entries are created owning all major copyrights within the entry. Every entry used within the copyright functioning should be relevant to the defined rules. These entries shouldn’t be inferring an individual’s legal or personal rights.

You must give us the opportunity for an international royalty-free exclusive copying license for editing, storing, distributing, publishing, and transmitting the competitive entries according to the perpetual yet irrevocable rules.

What happens to entries?

Any competitive entries won’t be returned or granted again. You will be requested to keep a duplicate of your competition entries.


The information provided to us by the entrants will be used in publicity activities concerning the competition and the prize awards. By submitting an entry, the winner agrees for their name, picture, or town of residence to be used in said publicity activities.

Personal details other than the ones above will be used according to our Privacy Policy.



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