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Tiny Love Super Mat Black & White

Tiny Love

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The Magical Tales Black & White Super Mat is designed specially to support newborn development. From the very first days, the Super Mat is the perfect setting to get close to your baby and bond. Lie next to your little one and cuddle up, gaze at each other, talk and sing songs, and take the precious opportunity to get to know one another. Place the mirror at a convenient angle for your baby to explore his or her own reflection. When your baby is older and sitting up, let them enjoy the cozy playing area both indoors and outside and explore the mat's various activities. Extra-large playmat, perfect for bonding time and play dates with friends, Engaging activities stimulate development, Tiny friends ensure endless fun, and Easy to fold and carry using the integrated carry handle.

  • Gross Motor Skills - The engaging activities and adjustable stand-alone mirror attract and engage babies' attention, helping them extend tummy time
  • Fine Motor Skills - As your baby explores the shiny satin ribbons and other elements on the mat, she practices hand and finger muscles, developing fine motor skills
  • Senses - Newborns come into the world with limited sight. The mat's contrasting white, black, and grey design promotes the development of their vision and cognitive skills.
  • Cognition - As babies play with the fun peek-a-boo house, they begin to comprehend the idea of object permanence
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ) - We design our characters with big eyes and smiling faces because these are easier for babies to focus on and because they provide babies with important social and emotional intelligence
  • Language & Communication - The spacious Super Mat is an excellent place for quality bonding time, talking, and storytelling, which all help encourage babies' language & communication skills
  • Imagination & Creativity - Telling Stories opens up a world of imagination

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