Vitamix Blending Bowl, 2 piece, 240 ml


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                                                  Vitamix Blending Bowl, 2 piece, 240 ml

Now use your Vitamix Ascent blender a lot more efficiently with these blending bowls and cut your cooking time into half by making small batches of food. These bowls are ideally sized and can be served, stored, and packed for lunch and dinner preparations. Quickly chop your ingredients, pop them into the bowl, and blend! This kit comes with two blending containers alongside lids and blades. Whip up a variety of sauces, soups, dips, salad dressings or baby food and make life a lot simplified.  

  1. Start preparing your lunch and dinner in small batches, instantly store them with stackable lids.
  2. Chop, Pop, and Blend! These bowls are ideally sized now make a variety of food such as dips, sauces, smoothies with the start of a button
  3. Self-detect technology helps your Vitamix blender to identify various kinds of bowls and automatically adjust the blending set-up
  4. Store and Stack. Make smoothies to soups for a potluck in these travel-sized containers with stackable lids. Enjoy the convenience of having lunch anywhere!
  5. Blades are laser-sharp made of hardened stainless steel and can grind the toughest ingredients.
  6. BPA-Free containers making it food-safe
  7. The sky is the limit as these containers are compatible with all the Vitamix Ascent blenders.

Use and Care

Quick and easy self-cleaning with a drop of dish soap and warm water and run it on for 30 seconds.

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