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Baby Maziuna Tiny Toes Unicorn Laughin - Luna

Tiny Toes

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Tiny Toes dolls have 6 sensors: 1. BACK - Tap / tap the upper back to turn on the sound. The BACK sensor is switched off by tilting the doll on its back / sleeping. 2. CHEEK - Touch / hold behind the left cheek to start kissing. If you hold your finger on your cheek, the doll will make a sound of surprise. 3. TUMMI - Touch the lower abdomen. 4. RIGHT FOOT - Touch or tap the center of the foot. 5. LIGHT SENSOR - A hole near the eye on the hat allows illumination. If you cover with your hand or finger and then remove your hand, it will activate the ku-ku sounds. 6. SLEEP SENSOR - Swing the doll back and forth several times to enter sleep mode. Battery instructions: Non-rechargeable batteries cannot be charged. Do not mix different types or new and used batteries. Only batteries of the same or equivalent type as recommended should be used. Batteries must be inserted with the correct polarity. Discharged batteries must be removed from the toy. The supply terminals must not be short-circuited. Batteries must be removed from toys when not in use. Do not dispose of batteries in a fire. Do not use rechargeable batteries. Replace batteries only under adult supervision.

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