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Tiny Love Gymini - Black & White

Tiny Love

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The Tiny Love Black & White Gymini Ceiling is a game with adjustable game arcs, which creates opportunities for many different games, and also a customizable environment for the continuous growth of your baby. This music game blanket offers a variety of activities that entertain your Baby, such as the sweet hedgehog-music toy that plays 3 melodies, and the baby book that stimulates the abdominal location and also on-the-go enthusiasm. This black-and-white to-match ceiling supports the development of the baby and stimulates the following the development of miracles: perception, language & communication, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, senses, imagination & creativity, and emotional intelligence. The Black-and-White Gymini is part of the Tiny Love Magical Tales collection and leads your Baby to the magical world of twilight.


  • Gross Motor Skills - As your baby lies on their tummy, it will strengthen its upper body muscles. They will learn to sit, crawl, and eventually walk. Tummy time is key in the development of your baby's gross motor skills. Black & White Gyminis engaging soft book encourages baby to extend tummy time.
  • Fine Motor Skills - Gyminis dangling toys encourage your baby to practice their grasping skills. As your little one lies on the playmat, they will attempt to reach out to the adorable toys above their head and use their fingers to move small objects.
  • Senses - From birth, your baby aims to discover their different senses. Tiny Loves Black & White Gymini has a black-and-white design with varying textures, engaging toys, and musical tunes that help your baby develop these skills. Discover the different senses together with your little one.
  • Cognition - From birth, your baby slowly explores Black & White Gymini. After the first few months, your baby is able to pull the dangling toys and discover the wonder of cause and effect. Step by step they will learn about Gymini's more sophisticated features, like playing the tunes of Marie the Hedgehog all by themselves
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ) - We design our characters with big eyes and smiling faces because these are easier for babies to focus on and because they provide babies with important social and emotional intelligence.
  • Language & Communication - Talking to a baby plays a major role in encouraging language development. Moving the adjustable archer's connector creates a comfortable space for bonding and communicating
  • Imagination & Creativity - Telling Stories opens up a world of imagination.

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