Soft-bodied Blonde Doll with Leopard Print Jacket (38 cm)


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  • Delight your little one with the Akiba Gege Soft-bodied Blonde Doll with Leopard Print Jacket (38 cm)
  • This little cutie loves to cuddle up with her best friend and sucking her thumb
  • This Akiba doll loves to show her love for animals by adding some animal-print to her outfit. She has paired a black and white checkered dress with leopard-print jacket and headdress
  • To complete the look, she has a light pink scarf with gray leggings and purple shoes. She carries all her essentials in a small strawberry-shaped purse
  • Gege dolls where introduced to the world in mid-1970's and where loved by young ones as well as adults
  • This doll is a contemporary Japanese-themed version of Mademoiselle Gege. She can suck her thumb and look so cute while doing it
  • Doll collectors and young children will love having this Gege doll displayed on a shelf or in their room
  • This doll is lightweight and perfectly sized for little ones to carry it along with them wherever they go
  • Kids who love playing with dolls develop social skills and learn to communicate better with one another by adding new words to their vocabulary
  • Taking care of the doll teaches responsibility and also learn to empathize with those around them
  • Playing different scenarios expands their imagination

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