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Playstation 5 console + Extra Controller + Call of Duty (Coldwar) + FIFA 2021 + Spiderman Miles Morales + Charger + Pulse 3D Headset

Sony PlayStation

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New game possibilities unleashed by PS5. Ultra-high-speed SSD dramatically improves reading speed. A deep immersive feeling created by haptic technology, adaptive triggers, and 3D audio technology. And experience a new generation of amazing PlayStation titles. Customized CPU / GPU / SSD demonstrates its power by the

overwhelming speed integrated I / O (Integrated I / O). Achieves processing performance that exceeds the conventional wisdom of PlayStation.

Amazing game experience PS5's unique game lineup where you can experience amazing graphics and new features of PS5.

Breathtaking immersive haptic technology, adaptive triggers, and 3D audio technology create a richer gaming experience.

Entertainment and Gameplay Share Ultra HD Blu-ray Compatible PS5 is compatible with 4K Blu-ray Discs, allowing you to enjoy images on a crisp and beautiful 4K TV. (PS5 Digital Edition is not supported)

4K Entertainment Streaming With the PS5 compatible app, you can watch streaming on a 4K TV * 1 that has 4K quality entertainment content.

Share your gameplay You can create screenshots and videos of your gameplay . You can also share with other players on PSN and some SNS apps * 2.

backwards compatibility You can enjoy PS4 titles that support compatible operation on PS5.

Boost backward compatible titles For compatible PS4 titles and PS VR titles, you can enjoy playing at a faster and smoother frame rate.

Upgrade PS4 titles to download version for PS5 You may be able to upgrade your PS4 titles (package version / download version) to the download version for PS5. * 3

PlayStation VR cooperation You can enjoy compatible PS VR games by connecting PlayStation VR to PS5. To enjoy PS VR on PS5, you need a PlayStation Camera adapter in addition to your existing PlayStation Camera for PS4 * 4 (the adapter will be provided free of charge). Please wait for future information updates regarding how to provide adapte

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