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Luxury Camel Milk Soap (Rose)

Camel Gold

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Luxury Camel Milk Soap
SECRET INGREDIENT: This soap bar contains camel milk which makes your skin younger by removing blemishes, pigmentation, age spots and stretch marks.
FEEL THE LUXURY: Camel Milk Soap bar creates a rich, creamy lather to moisturize and softens your skin. The nutrients in the soap hydrate your skin plumps it and smoothes out wrinkles and fair lines.
AMAZING FRAGRANCE: Camel Milk Soap Rose fragrance is made with quality ingredients which will make your body emit beautiful scents of rose. It rejuvenates skin cells, soothes the body and is a good antiseptic.
NOURISHING: The Camel Milk Soap bar contains Vitamins A, C, D, E and minerals calcium, potassium, selenium, and zinc which provide nourishment to the skin and keep it healthy. It helps in many skin ailments such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne.
PERFECT GIFT: You can gift Camel Milk Rose Soap bar to your loved ones, family, and employees as corporate gifts on special occasions. Show how much you care about your near and dear ones by gifting them from Nomadic Camel.

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