LEGO Toy LEGO NINJAGO Killow vs. Samurai X (556 Pieces)

LEGO NINJAGO Killow vs. Samurai X (556 Pieces)


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  • The battle for the Oni Mask of Deception is on in the LEGO NINJAGO Killow vs. Samurai X (556 pieces)
  • This LEGO set contains 556 pieces and offers the perfect build experience for kids ages 8 to 14 years
  • The set contains colorful bricks that can be used to make an Oni Chopper and Samurai X Mech
  • Oni Chopper comes equipped with a spinning saw blade in the front and two flip-out blades on the sides. It also houses a driver's seat for Killow and a storage compartment that stores Killows spiked baseball bat
  • The chopper also features two detachable skateboards that can be attached to Killow's feet to help him jump and skate into action
  • The Samurai X Mech is equally impressive; it has posable limbs and gripping hands for some hands-on action. Weapons feature a dual stud shooter, spinning blade and a Samurai X blade that can be detached and placed in the Mech's gripping hands to prepare him for battle
  • The Mech features an opening minifigure cockpit for Jay
  • Jay has his work cut out for him because Killow big figure has a booster pack that features two stud shooters and a booster
  • The Oni Mask of Deception can be attached to the Killow big figure to make him look even more ominous
  • Additional weapons include Jay's nunchucks and two katanas and Samurai X's two katanas
  • Recreate your favorite scenes from the show and role play many new ones with two minifigures including Jay and Samurai X plus a big Killow figure
  • Oni Chopper measures over 8 cm high, 32 cm long and 10 cm wide. Samurai X Mech measures over 15 cm high, 7 cm long and 8 cm wide (22 cm with arms spread). Killow figure stands 6 cm tall and his booster pack measures over 8 cm high, 6 cm wide and 4 cm deep

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