LEGO Toy LEGO Juniors The Joker Batcave Attack (151 Pieces)

LEGO Juniors The Joker Batcave Attack (151 Pieces)


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  • Join Batman and Robin to take down The Joker with the LEGO Juniors The Joker Batcave Attack (151 pieces) set
  • This LEGO set contains 151 pieces and offers the perfect build experience for kids ages 4 to 7 years
  • The set features an array of bricks of different shapes, sizes and colors that can be put together to create an Easy to Build Batcave, Batwing and hotrod
  • The Batcave features different sections that can be connected to each other in many different ways; the first section features a view screen and an integrated dock for the Batwing. The second section has a small jail with opening door and the last section features a control center. There is also space for attaching the grappling hook gun and Batarang
  • The Batwing jet has an opening cockpit and space for a minifigure. It also features a shooting function in the wings; all you have to do is push the discs through the disc shooters on the wings to see them fly at The Joker
  • The Joker's hotrod has seating space for a minifigure, flame elements for added effect and a ball and chain element
  • Stop The Joker from creating havoc in Gotham City by helping Batman and Robin take him down. Use Robin's grappling hook gun to hook onto The Joker's mallet and yank it away from him. Then stop him from getting away by shooting discs at him from the Batwing. Once he is caught, lock him in the jail in the Batcave
  • Additional accessories like three Batdiscs, a Batarang and two sets of dynamite make for great story starters
  • The Easy to Build model has bigger pieces, Quick Start bases and easy-to-follow instruction guides that help build your kids' confidence in building
  • Includes three minifigures; Batman, Robin and The Joker
  • Batcave measures over 14 cm high, 17 cm wide and 8 cm deep. Batwing Jet is 5 cm high, 16 cm long and wide. The Joker's hotrod is 7 cm high, 9 cm long and 5 cm wide

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