Hum Nurition Private Party 30 capsules

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Because your vagina deserves a little TLC too, these Private Party capsules support vaginal and urinary tract health to give you maximum levels of comfort as you go about your days, worry-free. A daily jumble of hormones, stress, medications and age can easily disturb the delicately balanced pH and ecosystem of yeast and probiotic species found in the vaginal microbiome. By cocktailing actives and cultures that protect vaginal and urinary tract health, Private Party capsules promotes a healthy pH, microbiome and yeast balance using 10 billion organisms, three lactobacillus strains (commonly found in a healthy vaginal microbiome!) and concentrated cranberry extract powder for maximum efficacy. In fact, lactic acid is released to maintain a low, acidic pH environment while antioxidants protect – resulting in a happy vagina and a happy you!

What it does

  • Promotes healthy vaginal pH + microbiome
  • Maintains yeast balance
  • Supports urinary tract health

How It Works

  • 3 strains of probiotics balance vaginal microbiome
  • Cranberry PACs support urinary tract function
  • Potent blend maintains yeast balance for overall vaginal health

How To Use

Take one capsule at any time, with or without food.

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