Hum Nutrition Growing Strong Bundle ( 2 x 60 capsules )

Hum Nutrition

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                          HUM NUTRITION Growing Strong Bundle( 2 x 60 capsules )

Boasting a saving of over 20%, this Growing Strong Bundle from HUM Nutrition is a savvy steal for all lovers of their fan-favourite Hair Sweet Hair supplements; the ultimate indulgence for lengths that are lacking thickness, this strengthening medley of biotin, fo-ti, zinc and PABA helps to maintain hair follicle health, colour vibrancy and support hair growth. Serving up a double portion of the yummy berry-flavoured gummies (2 x 60 gummies), here's how this bundle is your ticket to swish-worthy strands. These gummies harness biotin and zinc (an essential mineral) to support the health of your hair follicles, while fo-ti (a herb that's used in traditional Chinese medicine) is thought to increase circulation and encourage healthy hair growth. There's also folic acid that's thought to help the tissue in our hair, skin and nails grow smoothly and cells function properly when consumed regularly; plus, an antioxidant known as PABA is employed to help to support the vibrancy of your natural hair colour and ward off grey by improving your body's ability to break down and efficiently utilise protein and use it more efficiently.

How To Use

Take two gummies a day at any time with food or no food.

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