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Duramax Yardmate Plus 5x5 Ivory


  • Dhs. 3,499.00
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Duramax storage sheds are constructed with the highest quality materials. These sheds provide safe and secure storage space for the home, business Or vacation property. They are manufactured from fire retardant durable PVC.They are fade and weatherproof, they will never rust, rot.Duramax is more just a storage shed.Its peace of mind knowing you will never have to paint, Treat or seal the shed as long as you own it. No installation over public utility lines, such as, but not limited to the following: gas,Telephone, cable wires, manhole or drainage system, or within its perimeter which may restrictOr impede the repair, maintenance servicing and/ or improvement of the public easement. Any damage suit, action, that may be brought by any person arising from violation and/ or Interference of the public easement shall be the sole responsibility of the customer/ buyer of the goods.These should be extra working space on the three sides of sheds, at least 1-foot & a minimum of 2.7-feet in the front to fully open the shed�s door for installation. All other sizes except for Duramax Garage include foundation with marine plywood.Exterior height is increased by 2-cms, once installed on the foundation.Next bigger sizes need solid ground (concrete/ bricked area/ wooden or plywood floor).Carrefour duplicate bill shall be turned over to the supplier�s installation team after installation, as official proof of delivery of the goods.

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