Milano Shower Cubicle W/ Marble Sq (Kl511001)


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                                     Milano Shower Cubicle W/ Marble Sq (Kl511001)

Like a spa but better. Treat yourself to an incomparable shower experience with the Milano Shower Cubicle that's stylish and looks great in any bathroom! We love the sliding doors and simple, timeless design that's sure to elevate the look of your bathroom.

Decor Tips:

Choose from the wide range of rain shower options and find one that suits your style. We think our concealed rain shower will look great in this cubicle.


• Elegant, compact design with corner entry sliding door

• Marble strip on the bottom enhancing the overall look of the shower cubicle

• The cubicle is made of 6mm thick tempered glass making the set highly durable

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