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There are resistance bands, and then there's P.volve's p.ball: a revolutionary, patented exercise aid that features an inflatable ball at the centre of the elastic band. Carefully crafted to an exact diameter so that the ball fits between your thighs, use this impressive band to deeply activate and tone your glutes, thighs and core.

Our hunt for at-home fitness favourites - ones that are suitable no matter the size or style of your space - led us to P.volve: a studio rooted in physical therapy and functional fitness that made their innovative equipment available to their growing community. Suited to standing and floor exercises, use the p.ball to take your usual workout to the next level, or look to P.volve directly for exercise inspiration!

How To Use

Before getting started, make sure the P.volve logo is facing outward. With the p.ball at your ankles, put one foot through the loop and hook the strap around your other ankle. Stand with your feet hip-width apart and make sure the p.ball is centred between your ankles. Once the straps are in place, pull the p.ball all the way up your legs. 

Movements can be done both standing or on the p.mat in a variety of exercises.

Each p.ball comes with:

  • Adjustable elastic strap

  • An extender for universal fit
  • A hand pump and needle for easy inflation

Made From:

Ball: PVC Skin, Rubber Air Valve

Strap: 5cm Elastic Strap, 8cm Elastic Strap W/3 Lines Of Silicone Waves, 5cm Velcro, 8cm Metal Hooks And Loops  



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