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BEAUTYBLENDER Wave Shadeshifter


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                                       BEAUTYBLENDER Wave Shadeshifter

A first-ever, color-changing Beautyblender—watch it transform when soaked in hot water. 

Made with aqua-activated™ technology, this ultra-cute Wave Shadeshifter changes colour when dampened so you'll never forget to wet your sponge before blending out your base.

With its elliptical shape and super-strong sponge material allowing for flawless application of foundation, primer and BB/CC creams, it's a definite make up bag must-have. Add a dash of water (pause to admire the lilac-to-powder-blue transition) and blend out all kinds of make up products for a second-skin effect. Completely edgeless, it blends beautifully across large areas, as well as reaching the smaller contours of your face. Once wet, the material expands and won’t absorb your product – meaning it will end up on your face, not on the sponge!

Beautyblender Wave Shadeshifter 1


Wet the sponge and witness the colour-changing beauty. Give a little squeeze to get rid of excess liquid before bouncing over your base for an airbrushed finish.

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