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BEAUTYBIO GloPRO BODY MicroTip Attachment Head


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Perfect for use on the body, this The GloPRO BODY MicroTip Attachment Head features 1680 tiny 0.5mm microneedles to stimulate the skin’s natural healing response, enhancing cellular turnover to lift, firm and smooth skin on the arms, legs, torso and bum. Simply roll your GloPRO across skin (there’s no need to apply pressure) in horizontal, vertical and diagonal directions about 4 – 10 times on each targt area for 60 seconds total in the on mode and watch skin become visibly rejuvenated as the GloPRO restores volume from the inside out. The GloPRO BODY MicroTip Attachment Head can be used alone or immediately prior to the application of your favourite body care products products and remember to replace your attachment head every 3 – 4 months for optimum results. 


When swapping heads, simply press the button at the back on the attachment head to release and secure your new attachment. 

Remember to clean your used GloPRO Attachment Head with the Sanitizing Spritzer after each use and leaving it to air dry. 

Top tip: Remember to replace your heads every 3-4 months to keep your microneedles in the best and optimum condition for microneedling (like your razor or toothbrush). 

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