Ariete Spray Gun Sanijet Cleaner 4126


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SANIJET is a modern and compact sanitary device designed for effective disinfection of surfaces and surroundings. According to the ECDC technical report from March 2020 and the Italian National Institutes of Health report no. 5/2020 Rev. of May 25, 2020 - in combination with SANIJET CLEAN, it can be used to clean all types of rooms during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Protect yourself and your customers: SANIJET is the first sanitary device on the market designed specifically for disinfecting surfaces and surroundings. Its unique advantage is the shortening of the disinfection time as much as possible - it is suitable wherever both time and accuracy count . Together with the SANIJET CLEAN substance attached to the device , it can be used to effectively disinfect rooms during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Take care of the comfort of employees: Disinfectants run out at a dizzying pace, and wiping countertops and devices takes too much time? SANIJET CLEAN substance in combination with the SANIJET sanitary device mod. 4126 will solve this problem! Countertops, door handles, furniture, appliances, chairs and tables - thanks to this method you will increase not only safety, but also everyday comfort of work.

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