Arcade1UP Pac-man with Generic Riser


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  • Bring back the good ol' times of the classic maze arcade game with the Pac-Man Arcade Cabinet with Riser
  • Featuring original gameplay, artwork and 2-player joystick configuration
  • Upgraded 17" color LCD screen with real-feel arcade controls brings Pac-Man and the tricky ghosts to life
  • Classic upright cabinet design
  • Onscreen game selection menu and volume control to suit your preference
  • Bonus, no need for coins to operate, plugs into an AC outlet!
  • Includes 2 games: Pac-Man and Pac-Man Plus
  • Boost the height of your arcade cabinet with the Arcade1Up Riser
  • This all-wood riser increases the height by 30.5 cm
  • The Pac-Man arcade cabinet measures 58 cm long, 116 cm high and 48 cm wide and weighs 24.7 kg. The riser measures 52.1 cm long, 50.2 cm wide and 33.7 cm high

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