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All Better Baby Doll with Accessories (24 cm)

New Adventure

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  • Achoo! Oh no, Baby Maziuna has a cold. Take care of her and make her feel all better with the All Better Baby Doll with Accessories (24 cm)
  • It has everything you need to make your dolly all better
  • Use the thermometer to take her temperature. Give her medicines on time. Feed her warm milk so she can go to sleep
  • Just wave your hand to have baby sneeze into her handkerchief
  • Kids playing make-believe with dolls helps improve their social skills. It helps them be caring, nurturing and kind to another. Feeding the doll, giving her a bath, playing with her helps and caring for their dolls, helps children to take care of their pets and other siblings
  • Carrying the doll, walking around and feeding them helps build gross motor skills. Changing clothes helps improve fine motor skills
  • Imagined scenarios with dolls help kids to be creative and expand the boundaries of their imagination. Learning words like baby, food, water, and more helps add to their early vocabulary which aids in improving practical language
  • Baby Maziuna has a height of 24 cm
  • Requires batteries to operate
  • This set includes a baby doll, thermometer, milk bottle, lotion bottle and other assorted accessories
  • Suitable for children ages 3 and up

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