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With Kinect for Xbox One, you control your Xbox One and television with gestures, you play games where you are the controller and enter your Skype calls in HD. Word automatically detected and logged and control all your entertainment with ease. You can even broadcast your gameplay with picture-in-picture. Kinect for Xbox One has a 1080p HD camera, advanced infrared technology and a microphone with noise insulation for maximum precision in capturing sound and movement. * Look for the Kinect-enabled games and applications. 1080p HD resolution available with supported content. Some features, including Skype, Game DVR and picture-in-picture with Twitch require broadband internet; Costs depending on the Internet service provider. Kinect voice functionality only available in supported locations and languages ​​and different for each function.

The best Xbox One experience is with Kinect

Experience greater convenience and control with Kinect for Xbox One. Command your Xbox and TV with your Cortana, make Skype calls in HD, and play games where you are the controller. Kinect for Xbox One is compatible with the Xbox One; Xbox Kinect Adapter required for use with Xbox One S consoles and PC

Voice Commands

Experience greater convenience and control with Kinect for Xbox One. Navigate your console without lifting a finger. Instantly capture screenshots and game clips. And change TV channels without ever searching for the remote. It’s time to get the most out of your Xbox One.

    • Instantly switch between your games, TV, and apps
    • Make Skype calls in HD and send messages
    • Control video and music playback
    • Change the channel and volume of your TV


    Cortana comes to Xbox One

    Cortana is your personal gaming assistant. Everything you love about Cortana on your Windows 10 devices is now on Xbox One. Use “Hey Cortana…” to call up commands. You can even configure your Xbox One to turn on other devices, like your TV, audio/video receiver, and cable/satellite receiver. Take command of your entertainment.

    Automatic Recognition

    Kinect eliminates the need to manually switch or sign into your Xbox account. Be recognized and signed-in automatically when turning on your console, so you can spend more time gaming.

    Multi-tasking made easy

    By snapping an app with Kinect Voice Commands, you can multitask the activities most valuable to you. Simply move the app to one side of your screen where it will continue to run while you do something else on the main part of your screen. Now there’s no need to choose between playing a game or checking up on football scores. Do both by simply saying “Xbox, snap NFL” and continue playing, all without interrupting your game.

    Connect with Skype and Twitch

    Keep in touch with friends and family on your TV with Skype for Xbox One. With its 1080p HD camera, Kinect delivers a highly detailed picture, and its microphone array picks out your voice above any other sound in the room, so no one will ever miss a beat. You can even broadcast your gameplay live with picture-in-picture through Twitch. Just launch the app and simply say “Xbox, Broadcast”.

    You are the Controller

    Included with Kinect is a full game download of Dance Central Spotlight. With a soundtrack of more than 50 songs available as add-on content, more routines per song than ever before, and a 1- to 2-player dance experience tailored for the Xbox One, Dance Central Spotlight is the next generation of motion dance games. You can also use your whole body and voice to control games like Kinect Sports Rivals, Zoo Tycoon, and more with incredible precision.



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