Hugo Boss Perfumes Hugo Boss No.6 - Eau De Toilette, 50 Ml + Deodorant Stick 75 Gram Gift Set

Hugo Boss No.6 - Eau De Toilette, 50 Ml + Deodorant Stick 75 Gram Gift Set

Hugo Boss

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Hugo Boss No.6 100ml M Eau de toilette – a combination created for the needs of a modern man. A brilliant suggestion for every innovative and dynamic gentleman who tries to find his stylish style in timeless classics.

This unparalleled eau de toilette is dedicated to such men. It affects the senses, enchants and tempts – made on the basis of classic and proven fragrance notes, however, it has not been completely devoid of an accent of originality.

perfumes that are a perfect complement to a stylish wardrobe and charming manners of a real gentleman. From the very first moment, this unique fragrance surprises with its richness and clarity. It develops slowly and shows its extraordinary faces in a fancy way.

It is a fragrance based on the components most renowned by men, but it can also surprise you. The basis for creating such an aroma was the everlasting wood notes – cedar, sandalwood and olive tree.

the typical male aroma comes from vetiver and moss enriched with the spicy aromas of clove and cinnamon. A touch of sweetness – also featured in fragrances for men – develops its variety with a bouquet of apple, geranium and bergamot.

At the end, there was also a fresh citrus note. A harmonious combination of classic aromas in sensational proportions and combinations. A distinctive blend that makes every man smell special.

An aroma of luxury created for real and determined men. Fragrance notes: Top notes: citrus, apple, cinnamon, bergamot Heart notes: geranium, moss, clove Base notes: sandalwood, cedar wood, vetiver, olive tree

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