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2-in-1 Instant Ice Maxi Pads combine instant cold therapy and maximum absorbency in a single disposable pad so magical you'll feel comfortable. Eliminate a layer to simplify your recovery routine because the last thing you need after 9 1/2 months is more junk in your trunk.


  • Instant Cold Therapy: instant first-aid ice packs built into the pad that delivers the recommended 20-minute therapy window. Freezing is not necessary.
  • Absorbent Maternity Maxi Pad: Pad absorbs 260g of liquid beyond the cold therapy period.
  • Cushion Support: Super soft top layer for comfort in the perineal area and option to use for soft cold therapy on c-section incision.
  • Full Coverage: Pad covers the entire perineal area from front to back with an adhesive back for easy application and removal.
  • Contains 8 Single Use Pads
  • For Mothers.

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