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Do you remember your favourite Childhood toy that you had?

Such a silly Question right! Obviously, we all remember because it was so close to our Heart be it a Small Red Car, a Doll, a Teddy bear, or any other toy that was your everything. Few of us couldn’t even sleep without it or Carry it along with us everywhere in Supermarkets, Relative’s house, or Vacations same as Mr. Bean carries his Teddy.

Kids are fascinated towards Toys just like, Iron that can’t resist Magnetic attraction!

Even you might have noticed, when kids don’t find any toys around they grab anything from their surroundings and play with it, So this leads us to the question that why toys are important to children’s and how do it affects their Development?

All experts agree: Children learn by playing and toys are the instruments that allow them to discover the world they live in. And this is precisely why they interact with their surroundings thru toys. Plus, toys provide plenty of enjoyment and happiness, both of which help build their self-esteem.

  • Motor Skills

Children’s are engaged in Physical activity while playing with Toys which enhances their Motor Skills. Weather they are dressing a Doll or Colouring they are using their sense of touch and sight (fine motor skills), while tricycle or Toy Cars boost their physiognomy (gross motor skills) and strengthen their arms and legs. Toys also help them to discover balance and coordination.

Since the time kids are born, toys motivates babies to move their hands and legs in order to discover different shapes colours and sounds & once baby knows how to crawl and move they will use their muscles and will try to get their favourite toys by themselves.

  • Emotional development

Toys are objects that children’s use to entertain themselves and simultaneously explore the world around them. Toys are often used as a symbol for other things as it helps kids to grasp big concepts, educate themselves and learn to express emotions.

Children’s Creativity is boosted and toy helps them to Express their emotions, whether it’s thru Playing with different characters like Spiderman or any doll, Children’s imagine the situation while playing as for example- if they are playing Doctor Set they imagine themselves as doctor and they will imagine their play area as an hospital and there is no limit to their imagination. It creates an opportunity to live in their own world of fantasy.

  • Social Development

Apart from improving Children’s language skills, they even learn social skills that gives them an understanding of the Society they live in. Toys gives kids an opportunity to interact with adults as well as kids of their age and  the act of playing with other kids challenges them to experience situation where they learn important lessons like- Sharing, Caring, Respecting etc, toys also motivates kids to take initiative, learn  to negotiate and it teaches them how to be better organized.


  • Cognitive Development

Toys Promote children’s Development by stimulating their Concentration & Memory skills for example playing with Board Games, It even gives them ability to solve problems for e.g.- playing with Building Blocks. Cognitive development is important because it enables children to approach math and language skills in a way that´s fun for them.



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